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Helena-Reet Ennet: “As a 18-year veteran of media experiences, I am constantly amazed and impressed by the people I work with and the qualities they possess and I am not alone. These qualities have been recognized in the industry and by our peers. Our true point of difference is our people and our passion for excellence in client services. Our approach and philosophy fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity. With our staff’s commitment, knowledge, drive, energy and enthusiasm, we continue to help our clients succeed.”

I am also founder of many other blogs and sites:
a) OHMYGOSSIP SITES ( websites; magazines and blogs serving US, UK, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Brazil etc.);

Ohmygossip America
( @Ohmygossip_USA

Ohmygossip Brazil
( @Ohmygossip_br

Ohmygossip Estonia
( @Ohmygossip_ee

Ohmygossip Sweden
( @Ohmygossip_se
(Facebook: Ohmygossip Sweden)

Ohmygossip Norway
( @Ohmygossip_no
(Facebook: Ohmygossip Norway)

Ohmygossip Denmark
( @Ohmygossip_dk

Ohmygossip Finland
( @Ohmygossip_fi

Ohmygossip Russia
( @Ohmygossip_ru

b) OHMYGOSSIP MODELS — Models & Casting Agency;

c) OHMYGOSSIP COUTURE — Accessories and fashion brand;
Ohmygossip Couture
( @OhmygossipC
(Facebook: Ohmygossip Couture)

d) NORDENBLADET —  the comprehensive business directory & internationally recognized leading channel of Nordic and Scandinavian information, news, media, entertainment, events and services. Serving Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.
( @NordenBladet

e) ELISHEVA & SHOSHANA — Fashion brand (hand made knittings and embroidery) /Blog
Elisheva & Shoshana
(Facebook: Elisheva & Shoshana)
( @ElishevaShoshan

f) LA-JEW — A comprehensive guide to Jewish people living in Los Angeles, CA. (Provides investigative and insightful news reporting related to Jewish issues & the best LA entertainment site – featuring: entertainment, celebs, photo galleries, famous Jewish, kosher dining, travel, shopping judaica, Jewish education, real estate, calendar of local events, newspapers, synagogues,…)
( @LA_Jew_com


h) BLOGLIST24 is a FREE service for bloggers — directory & database. It aims to be a facilitator between small businesses, agencies, brands & start-ups looking for support with blogger outreach.
( @Bloglist24
(Facebook: Bloglist24)

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